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Online Gambling Clubs

Here are some tips to help you to determine if an online casino is honest or if there is a good chance they are just going to steal your money.

Online Casino Technology:
Even though there are thousands of online casinos there are only a few companies that write the online casino gambling programs. These are the online casinos you want to risk your money, the other online casinos may be legitimate, but all the most reputable online casinos use these programs.

You can find out who wrote the internet casino online software by checking out the website. If it is not mentioned on the homepage you can find it in the about us or the FAQ sections of the online casino site. If it is not mentioned on the site you can always send the casino an email asking them. If they do not reply you should not gamble your money there.

Judging a Casino by its Cover:
Casino On Web and poker rooms bring in millions of dollars a year. If you go t a casinos website and the site itself looks cheap and poorly designed or if the different menus do not work properly if may be a sign that the casino is less than the best and maybe this is a fly by night operation and after you deposit your money with them they may disappear.

This may just be a new online casino, and they do not have the money for a good web designer, but I recommend only playing in a well established online casino or poker rooms. This will ensure that the casino you play in will be honest and all you have to worry about is collusion and web hackers, but that is a different story completely.

Chat Rooms and Forums:
Before playing in any online casino or poker room I recommend that you go to some chat rooms and forums that talk about online gambling casino, look for posts talking about the online casino you are thinking about opening a player account with and see what other online casino players have to say about that casino.

Chances are you will find some good posts about any online casino and poker room no matter how dishonest they are just because the people who work for that casino probably spam the forums with good reviews for their casino, but if most of the comments are bad or if you cannot find any posts at all about a particular online casino or poker room then I recommend you pick a different online casino and poker room.

Google It:
Type in the name of the online casino and the word review after it; most online casinos have been reviewed at least a dozen times and you should be able to read some reviews immediately if it is a legitimate online casino or poker room.

Most reputable online casinos will offer their customers the best and most up to date security possible. This is to ensure that the online casino is safe from hackers that would want to break in and drain money from the casino, and to make sure the casino is safe from collusion. This is when two or more players work together to win money from the casino or from the other players in the poker rooms.

The best way to ensure you a safe online gambling experience is to fully investigate the online casino or poker room you are thinking about depositing your money into before you even open your account. This will save you from most problems down the road.


Poker in an online casino doesn’t have to be an intimidating, awkward, or uncomfortable experience. In fact, they are often less intimidating than playing casino in Vegas. There is no pressure of the people sitting at the poker table. There is however, a little bit of pressure having to play against a computer clock. There are ways to make online casinos more enjoyable, relaxing, and pleasant than playing in a land casino, not to mention more profitable.

One thing people get afraid of in online poker gambling is looking like they do not know what they are doing. However, it’s OK to look like a beginning online poker player, especially since there are no faces staring as the poker player makes a move.

And chances are that other people in the poker room do not know what they are doing just as much. For the ones that do, it should be obvious, and the beginner should not be at that poker table. This is, by far, the most important rule.

No one should worry how others view them. In the end, it doesn’t matter. In fact, if someone’s goal is to win money and have fun, then it would be great if they could fake the image of a new player even if they are an experienced pro. It is sneaky, but almost guaranteed. Experienced players tend to play more softly, less aggressively, and less competitively against a new online poker player.

The poker player should always act in turn. This is easy to do. The online poker player needs to simply pay attention to where the action is and make sure to bet when it is their turn to do so. Most online poker players can’t stand someone who takes forever because they’re distracted; or even worse, someone who bets too soon.

It is suggested that a couple of seconds are taken before someone acts just to make sure that they are, in fact, acting in turn. Also, a pause before they act will get a beginning online poker player in the habit of thinking about what they’re going to and why they are doing it.

One of the most important things to do before playing poker online is to find out as much as possible about the poker room before sitting down. There is no rule that says someone has to sit down in a poker game as soon as they arrive in a poker room. Yet that’s exactly what new online poker players routinely do.

There is no question that someone will be eager to play online poker for the first time. But it is not something that a person would want to follow their instincts on. The poker player should take a while to look around when they arrive in a poker room.

It might even benefit the poker player to spend the first visit to a poker room not even playing poker. It is just more beneficial to have a better knowledge of the types of online casinos and poker rooms so that the playing time can be more comfortable.

For the first couple of poker games, the player should think about playing in a poker game and take many breaks. The tempo of online poker tends to be much faster. Players make their decisions more quickly and there’s a lot less conversation, eating, or general time-wasting than in other casino games. But the benefits of online poker allow someone to come and go as they please, should they have a couple of bad poker hands.


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